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Do you have a webshop or a shop where you send goods that require extra protection, such as; mail boxes are the best and safest solution.

A mail box differs from an ordinary cardboard box in that it is assembled in such a way that the sides are extra reinforced with a double layer of cardboard. Mailboxes can also be closed without the use of tape, and mailboxes can also be are reused several times because they are soå solid.

We have brown mail boxes for; warehouse in the middle of Copenhagen in six sizes, and one of the sizes is also available in black or red. You can see our entire range here.



If you pack a lot of web orders and need a mailbox that is faster to assemble than a traditional mailbox, such as; We suggest our webshop boxes. They are collected in a snap, where the bottom of the machine is unfolded, after which you remove a strip for the self-adhesive tape that closes the box. There are two strips of self-adhesive tape, so it can be used as a return box again if your customer ø wants to send the item back.

The webshop box is also theft-proof because the automatic base is double, soå you cannot open the box without breaking the seal. See our webshop boxes here.

< p>If you want your mailbox to stand out a bit, we have various suggestions. You can get your logo on the mailbox with the help of tape with your own logo. It can be used for all sizes of cardboard boxes and mailboxes. Read more about logo tape here.

Another option is to getting made a logo stamp that can be used on both; mailboxes and cardboard boxes – but alsoå on paper bags and gift wrap. See more about logo stamps here.


Package contents

In order to protect your item as best as possible, it is important to wrap it in some form of packing material before putting it in the letterbox. We have different solutions for package filling, depending on whether you prioritize it to be cheap, responsible or very neat.


Box filling

Crate filling is the cheapest form of package filling, and our version is also very portable. We call it bio farmfill because it is made from 100% corn granules and is 100% biodegradable. The box filling is produced in Denmark and is completely free of plastic or chemicals.

If you are looking for a solution for box filling, which alsoå is aware of responsibility, but a little more knowledgeable than farmfill, so we suggest that you look at; our cotton wool. Cotton wool is 100% natural material, which looks like a form of hay. It is easy to shape and cut. gives it a cozy and rustic atmosphere for your packaging. In addition to using the wooden wool in the mailboxes, especially; is the wool also durable; very suitable for lining gift baskets.

The ultimate package filling is our dried seaweed – alsoå known as ålegræs. Our grass is collected on the beaches of Odsherred and then dried, cut it doesn't smell - but only has a mild smell of hay. After use, the play grass can be spread in beds, pots or balcony boxes, where it will fertilize the soil and eventually go in one with nature. And soå should we alsoå remember to say that the ålegæsset is incredibly beautiful.

Find it portable box contents / å can be found here.


Package packaging

Regardless of the type of package packaging you search, search we have a huge selection of warehouse in the middle of Copenhagen, and you are very welcome to come by and see qualities and sizes in reality and immediately.


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