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Paper bag without handle

If you are looking for paper bags without handles, you have come to the right place. We have an incredible number of different paper bags on stock for quick delivery

The most common brown paper bags without handles, they are completely flat old fashioned gardening bags. They are traditionally used for fruit and vegetables at greengrocers or garden stores, but they can also be used as postcard bags, bread bags or for trinkets and gifts. If you close the paper bag with a label or a bow, then an otherwise cheap brown paper bag becomes quite festive. See the different sizes of gartnerposer here.


Brown paper bags...

... with bottoms were used in the old days for flour and grits or grains and feedstuffs. The advantage of paper bags with a bottom is that they can stand up by itself and is made of extra strong brown paper. Today they are also used for bread or as gift bags, since the extra strong paper thickness on up to 110 grams per m2 provides a more exclusive experience than the flat brown bags.


See the different sizes of our so-called cross bottom bags here.

We alsoå potato bags in extra strong and durable paper. Newly dug potatoes are usually a little damp, and therefore it is important that the potato bag can withstand this without fermenting. in pieces


Gift bags

If you are looking for smø paper bags or paper bags in colors to be used as gift bags, we also have a large selection. We have several different colors right down to size 7 x 12 cm, such as can be used as jewelery bags or fruit bags. It is easier to wrap a small gift in a gift bag rather than in gift wrap, as it is done in one operation. If you close the gift bag with one of our many colorful labels, it quickly looks festive. See all our gift bags here.


White paper bags< /h2>

White baker's bags can be used for other than bread and wiener bread. Most of our white paper bags are actually used for postcards in souvenir shops or museum shops. If you use a stamp to get your logo on paper bags, så it is very clear to see på the white bags rather than på the brown bags.

The white paper bags are available in many sizes. See them here.

All our paper bags are approved for food contact and more and more of them are made from FSC paper.

Remember that all paper bags without handles må are handed out free of charge to customers without them having to pay for them, and that bags without handles are exempt from the state's bag tax.

If you still can't be satisfied with a bag without a handle, see we also have a large selection of paper bags with handles. You can find them here.



Bags without handle må is provided free of charge to customers, så you do not need to charge DKK 4 for these bags.