Logo print

Logo printing on your packaging provides really good advertising and branding of your store and your product. Certain products require a certain quantity to have the logo printed on. Paper bags and plastic bags with logo print are produced in such a way that the minimum is approx. 5,000 pcs. The logo is printed on a master roll of paper or plastic, and then the bag is assembled, and for this to be possible, a certain amount is needed.


Bags with logo

We make all types of bags with logo printing: paper bags, gardening bags, bread bags, plastic bags (also made of recycled plastic), shipping bags, sample bags, and bags with and without handles. Depending on which bag you want with logo print, there is a minimum number. Flat paper bags with logo print require a minimum of 10,000, paper bags with handle and logo print 5,000 and plastic bags with handle logo print 5,000. You are always welcome to send an email to kl@karllund.dk with your request and logo to be printed on - or call tel. 3535 4666.


Stamps with logo

A stamp with a logo is a good solution for getting your own name on paper bags. You can just buy standard paper bags in many sizes - but in small quantities - and then stamp your logo on it yourself with a logo stamp. Stamps with a logo can be made with a plastic handle, which is the cheapest option - but our most popular model is a hand stamp with a wooden handle because it is beautiful to look at and decorates the counter. You can see prices and order a stamp with your own logo here.

Note that the color pad for the hand stamp and ink must be purchased separately. The stamp colors are available in 15 colours, which you can see here.

A stamp with a logo can be used for many other things than bags. Manilla stamps are easy to stamp on as they come in many festive colors and have a good surface to stamp on. See our large selection of manila stamps here.

We also have many different colored labels in stock where you can stamp your own logo. In this way, you can simply buy 500 labels in each color and then have your own logo printed on them.

Find the colored labels here. The metallic labels are not suitable for stamping.

Unfortunately, a logo stamp cannot be used on plastic bags, as the surface is far too smooth and does not accept stamp ink.

Logo print on labels

Labels with logo printing are also a very flexible solution. Logo labels can be used to put on a bouquet of flowers, to close a gift bag with or to put on the outside of a package or bag.

The minimum is 6,000 pieces if you want logo printing on labels. They come in many sizes and shapes, and we can print in all imaginable colors in the CMYK scale.

Add more about logo printing on labels here


Logo print on tote bags

We also print logos on tote bags and bags, and here the minimum is only 100 pieces. We have plain recycled cotton tote bags in many standard colours, and you can read much more about printed tote bags here.

If you want to see examples of packaging with logo printing, follow our Instagram account here - under logo printing in the highlights, we have collected a lot of pictures for inspiration.


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