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Paper bags with handles

We have all kinds of paper bags with handles.

Brown paper bags with handles.

White paper bags.

And black paper bags .

Paper bags with flat and twisted handles. There is something for everyone. We sell the paper bags down to one piece at a time. All the paper bags are on stock and we can ship from day to day. The bags can also be can be picked up in Ryesgade or på Copenhagen Markets in Taastrup. The advantage of paper bags is that you can easily make them personal by stamping or adding a label or a manila mark. Read more about stamps for paper bags here.

All our paper bags with handles are produced in Denmark or in Europe to make transport easier. short as possible. We also make bags with printing at a minimum of 3000 or 5000 depending on the size. Read more here< /a> - or contact us at tel. 3535 4666 if you want to hear about printed paper bags.

Paper bags with handles provide good and stable packaging for the goods when the customers leave the store after shopping. The advantage of a paper carrier bag is that it has a large and deep bottom, especially; it stands more stable than e.g. a plastic bag. Most of our brown paper bags have flat handles, and some sizes of the paper bags have twisted handles. The white and black carrier bags all have twisted handles.

Gift bags

Gift bags with a handle are an easy and convenient solution if you need to make a goodie bag, company gift or special gift. The advantage of a gift bag is that you can quickly collect several different products in a single gift, which is easy for the recipient to transport. If the gift bag is to be made extra festive, you can simply put a bow of silk ribbon or a label on it. – or perhaps line the bag with tissue paper. See our selection of silk ribbons here -  standard labels here and tissue paper here.

Paper bags without handles

Remember that you day must charge a minimum of DKK 4 for a paper bag with a handle when you hand it out to your customers in the store. If you want to avoid to take money for a paper bag when you hand it out and still give the customer a good experience, you can use paper bags without a handle. They må delivered free of charge. The brown paper bags without handles are an excellent alternative. If you fold the top of the bag, it works almost like a handle. The advantage is that there is no state tax on paper bags without handle – and that they må supplied free of charge.

See our selection of paper bags without handles, which can be used as  ;alternative to a paper bag here.