PP Bags
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PP pose 400x550mm (50stk) PP pose 400x550mm (50stk)
Standard sales price DKK 92.00
From DKK 77.50 / PAK ex. VAT
DKK 96.88 inc. VAT
Pointed bag 15x30 cm (1000 pieces) Pointed bag 15x30 cm (1000 pieces)
Standard sales price DKK 85.00
From DKK 68.00 / PAK ex. VAT
DKK 85.00 inc. VAT
PP flat bags 9x18x0.035 cm
DKK 270.00 / KS ex. VAT
DKK 337.50 inc. VAT
PP flat bags 12x20 cm 100 pcs/pk.
Standard sales price DKK 40.00
From DKK 20.00 / PAK ex. VAT
DKK 25.00 inc. VAT
PP flat bags 17x25 cm. 100 pcs/pk
Standard sales price DKK 59.00
From DKK 35.00 / PAK ex. VAT
DKK 43.75 inc. VAT
PP flat bags 22x40 cm. 100 pcs/pk.
Standard sales price DKK 99.00
From DKK 52.00 / PAK ex. VAT
DKK 65.00 inc. VAT
PP flat bags 28x36 cm
Standard sales price DKK 109.00
From DKK 55.00 / PAK ex. VAT
DKK 68.75 inc. VAT
Pointed bags medium 18x37 cm
DKK 90.00 / PAK ex. VAT
DKK 112.50 inc. VAT
Pointed bags large 25x46 cm
Standard sales price DKK 121.00
From DKK 110.00 / PAK ex. VAT
DKK 137.50 inc. VAT
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Here you will find flat cellophane bags made of PP foil (polypropylene). Bags that fit cards in various sizes, storage boxes for sweets and candies and much more. All the bags are approved for food contact. We also make the bags to measure - with and without self-adhesive closure. The minimum is 5,000 pieces. Contact us at tel. 3535 4666 or kl@karllund.dk to get an offer.