PP Bags self-adhesive
PP flat bags 6 x 8 cm with adhesive
Standard sales price DKK 26.00
From DKK 23.00 / PAK ex. VAT
DKK 28.75 inc. VAT
PP flat bags 7.8 x 10.8 cm with adhesive
Standard sales price DKK 27.00
From DKK 24.00 / PAK ex. VAT
DKK 30.00 inc. VAT
PP flat bags C6 12x16.5 cm with adhesive
Standard sales price DKK 32.00
From DKK 29.00 / PAK ex. VAT
DKK 36.25 inc. VAT
PP flat bags 17x23cm with adhesive C5
Standard sales price DKK 46.00
From DKK 41.00 / PAK ex. VAT
DKK 51.25 inc. VAT
PP flat bags 21 x 30 cm with adhesive tape
Standard sales price DKK 53.00
From DKK 47.00 / PK. ex. VAT
DKK 58.75 inc. VAT
PP flat bags 30.5x43cm with adhesive A3
Standard sales price DKK 88.00
From DKK 75.00 / PK. ex. VAT
DKK 93.75 inc. VAT
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Self-adhesive cellophane bags for quick and attractive wrapping of cards and pictures. We stock 8 sizes, but also make the bags according to size at a minimum of 1,000 pieces. Contact us at tel. 3535 4666 or email: kl@karllund.dk to get an offer. All the cellophane bags are also approved for food contact.

All our cellophane with self-adhesive is produced in Denmark.

These bags are smart if you are looking for:

cellophane bags for jewelry

cellophane bags for cards

cellophane bags for tøj

cellophane bags for posters