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Cellofanstativ ZAC 75 cm til væg 137075
DKK 845.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,056.25 inc. VAT
Economist stand 70 cm Table / Floor
DKK 985.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,231.25 inc. VAT
Economy rack 70 cm Wall
DKK 935.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,168.75 inc. VAT
Label dispenser blue 24x8.5x14cm
DKK 395.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 493.75 inc. VAT
Standard stativ til bord 60cm Standard stativ til bord 60cm
DKK 890.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,112.50 inc. VAT
Ribbon holder for table 1 rl
DKK 75.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 93.75 inc. VAT
Economist stand 40 cm Table / Floor Economist stand 40 cm Table / Floor
DKK 940.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,175.00 inc. VAT
Economy rack 40 cm. to under counter Economy rack 40 cm. to under counter
DKK 870.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,087.50 inc. VAT
Economy stand 57cm Table / Floor Economy stand 57cm Table / Floor
DKK 960.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,200.00 inc. VAT
Paper roll rack 57cm Wall Paper roll rack 57cm Wall
DKK 910.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,137.50 inc. VAT
Economy rack 70 cm Under the counter Economy rack 70 cm Under the counter
DKK 925.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,156.25 inc. VAT
Økonomstativ 78 cm Økonomstativ 78 cm
DKK 1,010.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,262.50 inc. VAT
Economy stand 40+57 cm table
DKK 1,125.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,406.25 inc. VAT
Economy rack 40+57 cm without counter
DKK 1,125.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,406.25 inc. VAT
Economy rack 40+57 cm Wall Economy rack 40+57 cm Wall
DKK 1,125.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,406.25 inc. VAT
Tape stand for 2 rolls with knife
DKK 365.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 456.25 inc. VAT
Tape stand for 4 rolls with knife
DKK 576.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 720.00 inc. VAT
Tape stand for 6 rl. m. knife
DKK 470.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 587.50 inc. VAT
Cellofanstativ ZAC 75 cm.
DKK 995.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 1,243.75 inc. VAT
Wooden strap holder Wooden strap holder
Standard sales price DKK 30.00
From DKK 25.00 / STK ex. VAT
DKK 31.25 inc. VAT
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Gift wrap holder for a fast and efficient wrapper

When Christmas begins to approach, especially; you can surely seeå little notice that more and more customers will have their goods wrapped. It is a service that can give a little extra to your dear customers, and we at Karl Lund know how difficult it can be to maneuver a roll of gift wrap around - if it is too heavy; is not onå stand.

That's why we've gathered all our racks here atå since, så you can find just the type that suits your store. Whether it should sit on the wall, on the table or under the counter is up to you, but one thing is certain - we have racks to suit it all!

With a gift wrap holder, you can easily and quickly get the roll of paper up and hang straight, and the smart tear-off function makes it easy for you to get a piece of. It can be a challenge to tear off the paper or cut it without it tearing. You avoid that problem with a stand, which also ensures that you don't waste unnecessary paper.


Gift wrapping makes life easier

When the gift wrap is on; a holder, så nor does it take up more space than is absolutely necessary. It can free up table space to wrap the presents nicely, and you can instead focus on to fold the paper neatly around the package. It is particularly convenient in high season when many items need to be packed, such as during the Christmas period. Here there are many who choose to get their gifts wrapped in the shop, to avoid the trouble themselves. With long queues, this can mean extra pressure on the wrapping station, which is why it naturally likes to measure; doing fast.

However, it is not only for Christmas that the stand can be a good idea. Depending on your store's products, så can it alsoå be an advantage with such a stand for the rest of the year. If, for example, you sell flowers and often have to use paper to wrap bouquets and plants, so the stand can ensure quick and efficient tear-off for that particular shape.


Holder for wrapping paper and tissue paper

However, our stands are not only intended for gift wrap. You can easily throw tissue paper or other types of paper in, soå as long as they come on; roll. It can be cellophane or something else, as it also is smart to have easily available in the store.

< span style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: Arial; color: #000000; background-color: transparent; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none ; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">If you buy a stand for wrapping paper, soå do you have to remember på that no setup is complete without a holder for the gift ribbon. It is perhaps a challenge you have faced, either at home or in the store, where you pull the end of the gift ribbon, and the roll so; jumping around. It can quickly become a mess if the tape is not fixed, either on; a tape holder or a tape stand. We have holders and stands for gift boxes in different sizes, depending on the size of your shop. If you have a small shop where you typically use one or two different types of gift ribbons, such as; is it an advantage to have a small holder to standå on the table. If, on the other hand, you are a larger store where you come through several different rolls during the day, especially; we would definitely recommend our tape rack for 6 different rolls.