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Tissue paper for wrapping flowers

Tissue paper can be used to wrap around a bouquet of flowers to highlight the colors in the bouquet. First you take wet paper around the stems, so the flowers can last for a longer time, then a bag around to hold on; the water. Tissue paper in a color that matches the bouquet is swept around and finally finished with cellophane or brown paper.

You can also Add some yarn or ribbon in a nice color, and so on. finish with your logo label, så the recipient of the bouquet can see where it comes from.

See the entire selection of plain tissue paper here: colored tissue paper .


Tissue paper for wrapping in your webshop:

Do you sell clothes or other things in your webshop that need protection before being put in a shipping bag or post box, tissue paper is an obvious and exclusive solution. The tissue paper is folded around the item and closed with tape or a label. When the customer receives the package, the tissue paper gives a nice ”unboxing” experience when the package is opened. The packaging is half the fun when you receive a product purchased at the net, especially if it is first wrapped in tissue paper and then a shipping bag or postal spoon.

Find our plain tissue paper here: colored tissue paper.

And if you are looking for tissue paper with glitter or dots, look for; you will find it here: patterned silk paper.

Buy silk paper today and create a fantastic experience for your customers!


Tissue paper for wrapping gifts:

If porcelain or glass must be wrapped as a gift, is it a good idea? with extra protection. First, you wrap tissue paper in a fresh color around the item, then possibly Corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap and finally some nice wrapping paper and gift ribbon – and voilá Then call; half the fun of giving a gift is already ready. The tissue paper can be saved and used again, as it can easily be used even if it is crumpled.


Tissue paper for moving:

If you have to move and protect glasses, plates and old heirlooms from the sometimes rough handling of the movers, it is a good idea to use cheap tissue paper for moving as protection.

We has cheap tissue paper for moving in three sizes – and alsoå bubble wrap if certain items require extra protection. First, you wrap glasses, mugs or plates in tissue paper, and then carefully place them in the moving box. You can alsoå ”hug” some extra tissue paper and put around the things in the box.

Find the cheap tissue paper for moving here: tissue paper for moving< /a>.


Tissue paper wholesale

We buy tissue paper home in very large quantities and in many colors – many of them in whole pallets, which is why we can sell the tissue paper wholesale at a really good price. More and more of the tissue paper colors are FSC certified, and our goal is that all our colored tissue paper must be FSC certified. Why is it called tissue paper; it is of course because it is thin and soft like silk. Our tissue paper has a thickness of 17 – 19 grams per m2.

We have a single type of white tissue paper which is approved for food contact. You will find it here:

white tissue paper that is food approved< /a>.


See inspiration video with tissue paper's many possibilities here: